HISENSE BSA5221AXUK Electric Oven with Even Bake & Steam Add – Black & Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel



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Bake like a pro Make delicious meals with the Hisense BSA5221AXUK Electric Oven. It distributes hot air evenly around the oven to produce consistent, tasty results no matter what you’re cooking. When you’re baking, just add a little water to the cavity when you’ve got the top and bottom fans running. The oven turns the water into steam to help make your food juicier and more flavourful. And when it comes to preheating, the Hisense BSA5221AXUK is a star. It’ll give you a light and sound signal when the oven hits the right temperature for your dish, so you can get cooking straight away. Easy clean No need to scrub those baking trays and tins after making batches of cookies and banana bread. With the steam clean function, all you need to do is add a little water to the tray and leave it in the oven a while. That’ll soften up the grease so it can easily be wiped away, without wasting loads of water. Stay safe The Hisense BSA5221AXUK features a powerful Dynamic Cooling system that always makes sure the outside of the oven stays at a much lower temperature than the inside. That means you can always safely close the oven door without burning your hands. ______________________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE: ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated circuit by a qualified installer, such as one of our Currys experts. Our expert installers may be able to install to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) if you do not have a 16 Amp supply in your home.

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