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Made in Britain, the Stoves Richmond 550E mini range electric cooker offers both an electric fanned and conventional oven and dual circuit variable electric grill. Additional features include a fully programmable clock & timer, fanned defrost, open door grilling, halogen flood light and easy clean enamel. A energy rating. An even temperature is achieved through the oven as the air is circulated by an integral fan, so any shelf can be used making more use of the space – perfect for batch batching. A fanned oven also allows you to cook different foods together without transferring flavours. Whilst the conventional electric oven is ideal for traditional roasting, this type of oven is hotter at the top than the bottom. You can put your meat in the middle, roast potatoes towards the top and a pudding towards the bottom. Defrost your food more hygienically and in half the time using the defrost function which circulates room temperature air around the food which makes it perfect for defrosting cakes. Dual circuit variable electric grills let you adjust the grilling power to suit but, with faster preheat times and the precision of a temperature dial. For smaller portions you can use just the inner section of the grill width for economy, using the full width of the grill if you’re feeding the family. Normally when you close the door on your grill, it stops grilling and starts baking at high heat. That’s why Stoves designed their grills to work with the door open, keeping the air circulating and grilling your food to perfection. With the programmable timer, you can prepare your dish and place it in the oven ahead of time, set the timer to switch the oven on and off and sit back and relax. A halogen flood light is used to illuminate the oven interior so you can see clearly through the viewing window without having to open the oven door. Halogen is a superior choice for ovens as it provides up to 36% more light whilst using over 20% less energy than a standard bulb. The Richmond 550E is designed with a removable inner glass door and easy clean enamel to make cleaning your oven a breeze. Spills are wiped away easily with the specially designed enamel that helps prevent food from sticking on to the surface.

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