BELLING Kensington 100Ei Electric Induction Range Cooker – Black & Chrome



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Top features: – Three available ovens offer a large amount of cooking space – Five zone induction hob with touch controls – Easy-clean enamel makes it easy to keep the range cooker clean Three available ovensThe Kensington 100Ei has three available ovens, including a fan oven, two conventional ovens and an integrated dual circuit variable grill. Use the fan oven to evenly heat your food or choose the conventional ovens which use heat elements at the top and base of the oven.You can adjust the grilling temperature and use either half or the full width of the grill depending on your requirements.Five zone induction hobA five zone electric induction hob allows you to cook food quickly and efficiently. Induction technology uses magnets to heat the pan rather than the hob, delivering a smarter and faster way to heat food.With a digital power display, pan detection, pan overheat detection and a bridge function, the Kensington 100Ei helps you to stay in control of your cooking at all times.Easy-clean enamelWith a specially design easy-clean enamel, the Kensington 100Ei is easy to keep clean. The enamel resists cooked on food and spills, saving you time and energy in the kitchen.An LED touch control clock and programmer makes it easy to monitor and program the range cooker to suit your needs. You can use the storage compartment to keep your baking essentials and other cookware ready for use.

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